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Louvred Storage & Picking Bins

Get organised with our practical pick and louvre storage bins

Space-saving stacking for organised storage

Get organised with our practical Pick and Louvre storage bins. Our range includes bins for every budget.

What are Pick and Louvred Storage Bins?

Pick and Louvred plastic storage bins are the perfect solution for organising your warehouse and workspaces. In a variety of colours, they are typically made from durable plastic or cardboard in lightweight designs with open tops to allow for easy access to contents.

What are the uses for Louvred Storage Bins?

Compact and lightweight, cardboard and compact plastic Louvre bins are great for storing small, loose items. In bright primary colours, plastic Louvre storage bins can be used by pickers and other warehouse operatives to colour code product according to their stock control needs - helping to create efficient ways of working.

Being able to organise products proficiently improves overall productivity, and storage bins offer an inexpensive and simple time-saving addition to your warehouse operation. Complete with write-on or identification label tabs, picking is made easy, and for enhanced efficiency, Shelf storage bins can be bought with dividers for product separation for more accurate picking.

A smart space saving option, compact storage solutions like Louvre bins come in a variety of sizes, and can be mounted on a panel wall; a highly effective way to maximise vertical spaces for extra storage and safe stacking. See wall mounted TC louvre panels to explore options.

Alternatively, make the best use of shelf-space on packing benches and warehouse racking by simply placing the bins on top of each other. Louvre storage bins can be stacked without damage or distortion to products too, so you can be confident that product is kept in good condition.

Mobile Pick and Louvred storage bin options offer a whole host of uses. With the ability to easily transport your small parts storage when on the move, Louvred panel trolley kit with containers are ideal for warehouses short on space, as they can be wheeled away when not in use. 

Are storage bins recyclable?

For the eco-conscious business, we also offer Pick and Louvre storage bins made from 100% recycled polypropylene. This smooth, wipe-clean material means your warehouse and working areas are kept spotless. Resistant to solvents and UV fading, they maintain colour and finish for a fresh look long after purchase.

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