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Bubble wrap rolls

Protect fragile products instantly with shock-absorbent bubble wrap rolls

Bubble wrap rolls are a tried and true method of protecting various items, making them one of the most popular forms of protective packaging available. With its ability to wrap, absorb shocks, and safeguard products, bubble wrap has become an essential packaging material.

Versatility and Size Options

Available in a range of sizes, from large rolls to smaller rolls, bubble wrap can accommodate items of varying sizes and weights. It consists of numerous air pockets, and you can choose bubble wrap rolls with different bubble diameters, heights, and micron thicknesses to provide the appropriate level of protection for your products.

Choosing the Right Bubble

To guide you in selecting the most suitable bubble size, consider the weight of the product. Heavier items require larger bubbles to fill out the space and cover a greater surface area, providing enhanced protection. For smaller and lighter items, a smaller bubble is sufficient as it allows the wrap to conform to the product's shape while still providing cushioning.

If you need superior resistance and durability, opt for heavy-duty bubble wrap rolls or extra-large bubble wrap rolls, especially when packing large and heavy products like furniture. These bubble wraps are made from three layers of film and offer high-performance protection. They can also be used for interleaving between products during transit and storage.

For smaller items, small bubble wrap rolls are ideal. The small air pockets act as a bubble sheet, allowing you to tuck the wrap into every corner and curve, ensuring complete protection. Our range includes bubble wrap rolls of various sizes, available for purchase in bulk, so you can find the perfect bubble size or quantity to meet your packaging needs.

Easy to Use and Reliable

Bubble wrap rolls are convenient and simple to use. The easy-tear film allows you to quickly create the desired length and produces neat, straight lines. To secure the wrap, simply apply tape to the end and the wrapped bubble, effectively joining the product and the bubble wrap. The lightweight and flexible film, made from low-density polyethylene, keeps postage costs low and can be used as layered void fill or to wrap items.

Long-Term Cushioning and Specialized Options

Our professional air-filled range offers a durable barrier against bumps, knocks, and scrapes. If you are shipping electronics, consider using antistatic bubble wrap, which dissipates surface charges and prevents the build-up of static discharge, protecting your electrical products.

RAJA also offers environmentally responsible options such as recycled green bubble wrap. Additionally, we have bubble wrap blankets that absorb excess moisture and compact bubble wrap that saves up to 20% in volume space.

From standard bubble rolls to dispensers that improve your packing process, we have a wide range of wholesale bubble wrap rolls with different film qualities suitable for any business. If you're unsure about the specific bubble wrap you need, our Packaging Specialists are ready to provide guidance and advice. Contact us at 0800 542 44 28 to ensure the protection of your fragile items and keep your delicate products safe during storage or transportation.

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Save £££'s with our unmissable half AND full truck load offer
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