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Workstations, lockers and ladders

A fast, efficient workplace starts with the right warehouse equipment

What equipment do you need in a warehouse?

Your warehouse operations are unique to your business, which means that an efficient warehouse requires tailored solutions. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a spacious, purpose-built warehouse, our workstations, packing benches, lockers and ladders can help your warehouse run smoothly.


Space-efficient, robust workstations are essential for warehouses, production areas and workshops. Your workspace can quickly become disorganised without a dedicated packing bench. Our packing stations allow you to store and rationalise all of your packing and wrapping equipment. And by putting everything you need all in one place, our packing benches will skim time off your daily tasks.

From workstations designed to suit production and assembly operations, to team leader workstations sloped for a perfect writing surface, we have a range of workstations to meet your needs. Speed up your operations and get the precise workstation you need, with all of the components you need and none that you don’t with our customisable, modular packing and workstation.


An essential accessory for any warehouse shelving or racking system, our range of warehouse ladders, platforms and steps help you make you most of your space.

From heavy duty mobile safety steps with a 3450mm platform working height and double handrails, to folding warehouse steps and hop up platforms, our range of ladders will let you work safely, quickly and easily where you need to access stored or racked items at height.


Well-built, adequate storage is key to efficient warehouse operations. From personnel storage lockers to hazardous storage cabinets, we have the storage solutions to make your warehouse easier and safer to work in.

Give staff a secure place to store their belongings with our hard-wearing storage lockers. Our workstations are also available with lockable cabinets, for items that need to be kept securely close to hand.

If your business needs to store paints, chemicals, flammable liquids and other hazardous substances in your warehouse, then it’s essential to invest in secure storage. With spill retaining shelves and an integral liquid-tight sump, our hazardous storage cabinets are designed to store flammable liquids and other hazardous materials safely.

How efficiently can you run a warehouse?

A safe, efficient workplace starts with the right warehouse equipment. We provide warehouse equipment that is right for your business, no matter its size or complexity. Making your warehouse or distribution centre more efficient will help you save time and money too.

Efficiency means working safely as well as quickly. Our ladders, platforms and portable steps let you access hand loaded, stored or stacked products easily and safely. Improved access to your storage also means you can keep track of your stock more easily, and know when its time to replace it. And if all that efficiency has you feeling a bit worn out, our anti-fatigue mats will help ensure your warehouse is easy on your feet too.

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