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Warehouse equipment

Improve productivity with our warehouse equipment

Maintaining an efficient warehouse is the perfect way to ensure you don’t waste time during busy periods. Whether you’re improving the organisation of your products through a new storage system or if you’re trying to reduce user strain in the workplace, our range of affordable warehouse equipment can help. With so many types of warehouse equipment to choose from, it’s vital that you pick the right solutions for your business.

Types of industrial warehouse equipment

Barrows and Trucks – Designed for moving heavy products from A to B. Our range of pallet trucks and other warehouse machinery are perfect for easy manoeuvring an extensive range of products. Alternatively, one of our roll containers can help colleagues with stocking and picking numerous products. By using material handling equipment in warehouse operations, you can maximise your workplace efficiency while removing manual strain.

Storage Bins – Creating a storage system is key to organising a busy workplace. Easy to set up and tailor to your needs, our vast range of storage equipment can offer your business a cost-efficient place to keep an array of product types. Whether you need cardboard storage bins for lighter items, or plastic storage bins that are resistant to temperature changes while being easy to wipe clean, RAJA have everything you need.

Warehouse racking – Maximise your floor space with high-quality warehouse shelving and racking allows you to store items vertically. Available in a range of styles, including boltless shelving, plastic shelving, and heavy duty options, you can store almost any type of light and heavy products securely and safely.

Workstations, lockers, and ladders – Equipment used in warehouses is not just for storage or for moving products and pallets around. Establish a solid work surface, or an area to navigate your packaging operations, by setting up a packing or work bench. And for higher areas where items are stored out of reach, our range of ladders and temperature resistant kick steps are simple warehouse picking equipment for any workplace.

Is there anything else I need?

When you’re setting up your workplace, smaller items tend to be overlooked until you need them. However, at RAJA we have everything in one location. Our general warehouse accessories can help with a variety of common workplace occurrences. When you’re dealing with high volumes of packaging materials, setting up one of our dispensers are a cost-effective alternative to automated warehouse equipment. And if you’re regularly finding the need to cut through cardboard or packing tape and strapping, we stock a range of sharp cutting tools and accessories.

You can count on us!

If you’re looking for modern warehouse equipment that will save you space and time, you’ve come to the right place. With our in-house experts on hand to help, they can offer advice and recommendations to help you choose products tailored specifically to your packaging and storage needs. Our wide array of warehouse equipment & supplies can help you put your new packaging solutions into action.

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