Stickfast glue sticks

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  • 4 varieties of precision extruded glue sticks
  • Fast set, multipurpose, low melt & high strength
  • Ideal for production lines and precise applications
  • Fits Stickfast guns and most other glue guns
  • Sold and priced per box more
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fast set123005-105 38.95 36.99
multi purpose1230020-305 38.95 36.99
high strength1230020-305 39.65 37.65
low temperature1230020-305 40.20 38.19
fast set183005-105 39.40 37.40
multi purpose1830020-305 39.40 37.40
high strength1830020-305 39.99 37.99
Detailed description

Compatible with all Stickfast glue guns

4 varieties of precision 300mm long extruded glue sticks to fit all Stickfast glue guns and compatible with most other glue guns. Choose from:

Fast set glue sticks: Superior fast setting hotmelt for rapid closing and sealing of cartons. Ideal for all packaging applications. 5-10 second set time.

Multi-purpose glue sticks: All-purpose hotmelt with a medium to long set time. Ideal for a wide range of industrial and general use applications including bonding plastics, textiles and polystyrene. 20-30 second set time.

High strength glue sticks: Assembly grade hotmelt for difficult surfaces. Excellent adhesion and high molten tack for the quick fixing of tile displays, carpet fitting etc. 20-30 second set time.

Low melt glue sticks: Special hotmelt applied at a lower temperature. Ideal for heat sensitive products and with a reduced risk of accidental burns. 15-20 second set time.

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Sold in boxes of 5kg. There are approximately 170 12 mm sticks per box and 70 18 mm sticks per box.
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