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Xtegra® Tegrabond® Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser

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£250.00  ex. VAT
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  • Easy push lever
  • No electricity needed
  • 227ml water tank to activate up to 114m of tape
  • Suitable for standard and reinforced gummed tapes
  • Combined cutter delivers clean edge for desired length
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Detailed description

A desktop dispenser for your business

The perfect addition to any customer facing retail shop or office environment, the Xtegra Tegrabond manual water activated tape dispenser is ideal for quickly providing gummed paper tape when needed. Featuring a 227ml water tank, when full this machine can activate up to 114m of on-demand, ready to apply, tape. Plus, with the combined cutter each tape segment will have a clean edge for any desired length. Perfect for alleviating user strain, the easy to use lever dispenses up to 254mm of tape. Suitable for both standard or and reinforced tapes, this dispenser doesn’t need any electricity which means you don’t need a nearby power socket. That means you can move it to any place in the workplace whenever you need it.

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