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  • Absorpole® Shipping Desiccant Poles and Water Collector
Absorpole® Shipping Desiccant Poles and Water Collector - 1

Absorpole® Shipping Desiccant Poles and Water Collector

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  • Contains calcium chloride for moisture removal
  • Easy to install in containers
  • No toxic materials
  • 2 litre water collection capacity
  • Sold and priced in packs of 8
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Detailed description

Protect products from humidity

Utilising calcium chloride to absorb moisture from the air, the Absorpole® shipping desiccants are ideal for use with almost any exported product. Simply pull the grey container, hang in the recess of a container wall, and it will begin to automatically protect pallets and products from humidity. Ideal for use in vehicles that are regularly affected by damp or cold temperatures, like planes or boats. Plus, with the superior 2 litre water absorption capacity they are ideal for longer journeys.

The first carbon neutral desiccant, this pole is free from toxic materials. The gel eventually dissolves into brine while the humidity and moisture are collected in the blue water container. That means once it has been captured, it won’t re-evaporate into the air. So your products and goods will have a better chance of arriving at their destination undamaged. If your business has high sustainability requirements, then the Absorpole® is the perfect addition.

Designed to use minimal space in a container, you install the pole by using the provided hook to connect to a container lashing ring. Ideally, you would want to ensure that there is at least 25mm distance between the pole and your pallet load. To minimise the risk of damage to forklifts during loading and unloading, it is recommended to place in the corrugated recess of your container.

Available in packs of 8, the poles are 1180mm wide and 110mm long.

20ft container: approximately 6-8 poles needed for dry goods / 8-10 for moist goods.

40ft container: approximately 10-12 poles needed for dry goods / 12-14 for moist goods.

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