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ROBOPAC ROBOT S7 P3GS Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

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£8 858.00  ex. VAT
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  • Wrap products and pallets of any shape
  • Colour touch screen panel
  • Create and store up to 12 programmes
  • Safety bumper for immediate stop
  • 230% - 300% power pre-stretch film carriage
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Detailed description

Optimise performance in the workplace

Secure pallets in seconds using the ROBOPAC ROBOT S7 P3GS stretch wrapping machine. Easy to set up, all you need to do is plug in and start wrapping palletised products. This versatile pallet wrap machine is suitable for products of all shapes and sizes, making it ideal for a workplace sending multiple types of pallet loads. Equipped with an automatic film band reduction system, you will minimise wastage while ensuring your pallets are fully wrapped. The innovative colour touch screen control panel is simple and intuitive, allowing you to create and store up to 12 custom programmes to suit your needs.

Efficient and safe. Prevent accidents in the warehouse with the built-in safety bumper, which immediately stops the machine upon contact. The self-propelled wrapping machine can wrap approximately 250 pallets per day, helping you meet customer expectations during peak periods. The instant load system of the machine allows you to quickly replenish stretch wrap rolls with new ones, helping to reduce packaging times.

Reduce wasted machine stretch film and save on costs. This machine is an economical choice for any workplace who send or store high volumes of pallets regularly. The motorised P3GS pre-stretch carriage provides 3 selectable fixed ratios to choose from (0% - 230% - 300% as standard) allowing you to make the most of your stretch wrap.

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