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Easily lift and manoeuvre palletised loads

More versatile than a hand pallet truck but not as heavy duty as a forklift truck pallet stackers can be an economical option for increasing storage capacity. Designed with small dimensions for easy movement in confined places (the turn circle matches a pallet truck) such as cramped warehouse or factory aisles, this Eco Warrior Mono self-propelled stacker lifts loads to a given height for pallet stacking or placing on mezzanine floors.

With its highly specialised drive and hydraulic system and excellent driving performance the Mono self-propelled pallet stacker also features an innovative pressure sensitive butterfly accelerator switch and an ergonomic all-in-one function handle. An integrated emergency stop button ensures operator safety. The forks have an adjustable straddle width so they can be positioned for 800mm, 1000mm or 1200mm wide pallets. With the forks fully raised the maximum height of the powered stacker is 3478mm. Maximum lift height is 2930mm. Battery life indicator and on board self-diagnostics.

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