Heat sealers

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Create and seal bags securely with our heat sealers

Heat sealers add a secure seal to your bags and protect contents during shipping and storage. They allow you to make bags of almost any size to suit larger or awkward items. For smaller businesses and for quickly sealing bags up to 500mm, choose a push-to seal heat sealer with built-in cutter. This leaves a neat, reliable seal. Or choose a pro-sealer with a choice of sealing times, if you use different films and bags.

We stock a complete heat sealing kit that includes a reliable heater sealer, stand, and work tables, so you can quickly add a ready-to-use sealing station to your business. We also supply top quality sealer spares kits that make it easy to maintain and service your heat sealing system. Call our specialists on 0800 142 26 46 and optimise your packaging today.