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Eco-responsible strapping and twine

Eco-responsible strapping and twine

Eco Parcel & Pallet Strapping - A better way to secure your parcels

Introduce extra security to your product packaging with our parcel and pallet strapping. Featuring a range of sustainable solutions including sisal twine, Kraft paper or extruded polyester strapping, our eco-responsible strapping options are a great place to start.

Why is strapping important?

Every business wants their products to arrive looking their best—and strapping can help to make that happen. Ideal for parcels and pallets, strapping is used for a variety of reasons, including:

Securing boxes

From lightweight to heavy duty strapping, the process of strapping your cardboard box can help to increase its structural strength. What’s more, strapping fastens your parcel on the outside to secure your contents inside.

Stacking products

Parcel and pallet strapping can also be used to band products together to conveniently store them in one place. Not only does this save on space, but it also provides an easier way to move multiple items at once.

Palletising items

Perfect for business with high volumes of stock, pallets provide a useful way to move large quantities with ease. Once secure with heavy duty strapping and stretch film for added protection, pallets can be safely transported with a pallet truck.

What eco twine and strapping options are there?

On a mission to make packaging more sustainable, our eco twine and polyester strapping solutions are just one of many eco-responsible options from RAJA.

Made from 100% natural fibres, our sisal twine is stronger than standard twine for a secure strapping solution with added sustainable benefit.

Searching for heavy duty strapping? With up to 55kg breaking strain, our Kraft paper strapping rolls are an eco-conscious choice that doesn’t compromise on quality. Plus, they’re compatible with strapping machines and 100% recyclable for a seamless strapping experience from start to finish.

Prefer polyester strapping? Our extruded polyester strapping is twice as strong as polypropylene strapping to make it our strongest plastic strapping. And featuring at least 80% recycled material, our extruded polyester strapping makes a conscious choice for durable parcel and pallet strapping.

Strong and sustainable packaging with RAJA

Looking to improve the green credentials of your business? Revolutionising the world of packaging, our eco-responsible innovations are ready when you are.

From crash-lock boxes that can be completely recycled to plastic pallets that can be reused time and again, our eco-responsible packaging is always fit for purpose.

Ready to switch to eco-responsible packaging? Contact us to speak to one of our packaging experts and find the right eco solutions for your business. Alternatively, explore the evolution of sustainable packaging with RAJA.

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