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Paper Void Fill Systems

Brace boxes and products with our paper void fill machines

What is Paper Void Fill?

Ensuring that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition is crucial for any traditional or e-commerce business. Paper void fill is designed to fill any gaps in your packing boxes, reducing movement and protecting your products from knocks and bangs in transit. Filling any voids around your products is an essential part of loading a pallet correctly. Packing boxes with items that aren’t held securely can lead to broken products and unstable pallet loads.

Using custom-sized boxesthat fit your products exactly can help, but it’s likely you will have some gaps, or voids, around your items in their boxes. Suitable for shipping delicate items such as ceramics and even for providing thermal protection for chilled products, void fill paper is an eco-friendly, economical alternative to foam, packing peanuts or plastic air void packaging.

What do I need to make the most of paper void fill?

Paper void fill can help your business protect your products while enhancing your eco-credentials. To get the most out of your void fill paper packaging, using a paper void fill machine is essential. A paper void fill machine can instantly create paper void fill packaging in a range of formats and almost any size.

We stock a variety of void fill machines to suit a range of business needs. For high volume box shipping operations, our semi-automatic FillPak SL machine is designed to produce paper void fill in packing station or end-of-line environments. Use alongside PadPak Senior® paper rolls, packed into cardboard boxes for a fully recyclable packaging solution.

For smaller scale operations, start-ups and businesses short on space, you can save time with a Geami WrapPak EX MINI – a disposable box that produces ready-made paper void fill packaging. The honeycomb structure of the void fill paper each kit creates protects your products from damage and looks great too. Alternatively, you can use an ergonomic manual paper void fill dispenser to create creased brown paper void fill in any location.

What other ways can I make my packaging eco-responsible?

Choosing recyclable paper void fill, cardboard boxes, carton pallets and paper pallet wrap improves the efficiency of your packing operations, cuts costs and helps protect the planet too. There are many simple, cost-effective switches you can make to reduce your use of raw materials and cut waste.

When it comes to wrapping your pallet loads, using a recyclable paper wrap alternative to plastic stretch wrap helps to cut down on the amount of plastic used in your packaging. Find out how to use our Kraft paper pallet rolls in our video guide.

Reduce waste by turning your used or damaged boxes into void fill and matting with a ProfiPack M400 cardboard shredder. Shredded paper void fill is an easy, cost-effective switch from plastic protective packaging.

Looking for more ways to cut your business’s environmental footprint? You can find all of our eco-responsible packaging alternatives here.

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